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Wise Use Groups

What Does Wise Use Groups Mean?

Wise use groups consist of a number of organizations that form part of the “Wise Use Movement,” which started in the late 1980’s. These controversial groups are generally considered anti-conservation, since they argue that natural resources should be used for the benefit of the population regardless of where they occur.

Safeopedia Explains Wise Use Groups

The Wise Use Movement is seen as a social backlash against the rise of environmentalism and has caused much controversy owing to radical points of view that have been expressed by certain groups and members. These groups can be seen as the opposite of radical or extremist environmentalist organizations, as they support industrial development regardless of environmental impact. However, many Wise Use Groups declare themselves to be the ‘true environmentalists’. The original concept of Wise Use is potentially defensible, but critics say that many supporting organizations are too radically pro-development.


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