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Wind Farms

Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Wind Farms Mean?

Wind farms consist of a number of wind turbines used for generating electricity. A large wind farm might consist of several hundred turbines spread across an area of several hundred miles. Although the industry is fairly new, OSHA comments that the workplace risks involved in this industry are comparable to other industries, and recommends that the existing safety regulations pertaining to these risks be followed.

Safeopedia Explains Wind Farms

Wind farms are typically set up in area that have a consistent non-turbulent flow of wind throughout the year, to avoid any sudden bursts of powerful wind. Specific regulations to be observed by and on behalf of wind farm employees include those relating to fall protection, work in confined spaces, fires, lockout/tagout, first aid, crane, hoist safety, electrical work and installations, machine guarding and PPE. When constructing or performing maintenance work on wind turbines, the necessary tasks and attendant risks should be assessed in the light of current health and safety regulations applied by other industries.


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