Last updated: August 24, 2015

What Does Windbreak Mean?

A windbreak is a structure or material that blocks winds. It may be applied to prevent dust pollution caused by winds, particularly when storage piles of potential dust pollutants are found on a worksite. Windbreaks can also be erected to protect outdoor workers from strong prevailing winds. In its simplest form, a windbreak can consist of a piece of clothing or material used to block out winds.

Safeopedia Explains Windbreak

Apart from the risk of wind causing air quality issues on dusty work sites and where pollutant dusts are stored, workers may need to be protected from wind in order to work accurately and safely on site. Windbreaks may be used in area where swing stages are being used in an effort to allow the stage to remain steady. OSHA recommends three layers of clothing including an outer wind breaking layer, that workers should guard against dehydration and that all work should be halted when temperatures fall below 40 degrees celsius with windchill factored in.


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