Waste Stream

Last updated: November 12, 2018

What Does Waste Stream Mean?

Waste is generated by domestic and industrial activities and the waste stream represents the life-cycle of waste up to and including its eventual disposal. The volume of the waste stream in the US is particularly high and recycling may be implemented to reduce its final volume.

Safeopedia Explains Waste Stream

Waste can be further divided into solid, liquids and gaseous wastes. Certain types of waste are classed as hazardous and there is legislation governing the disposal of all types of waste in the U.S., including specific regulations for the handling and disposal of hazardous waste. With the U.S. currently generating the highest volume of the world’s waste per capita, attempts are being made to reduce the creation and impact of waste nationwide. In the industrial context, it is the responsibility of companies to ensure that waste is disposed of in a responsible and legally compliant manner.


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