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Squatter Towns

Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Squatter Towns Mean?

Squatter towns are residential areas in urban locations where the very poor take up residence. They "squat" on vacant or private land, as they do not have any access to land of their own. The definition of a squatter town varies widely from country to country and is dependent on a large variety of factors. Squatter towns are also referred to as shantytowns.

Safeopedia Explains Squatter Towns

For the extremely poor in developing countries, "squatting" is a way to improve quality of life apart from a better environment and income. One of the first priorities for the extremely poor is adequate housing. For many, the illegal act of squatting is the only option. Squatting is the development of a residential area without legal claims to land or permission from authorities to build.


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