Shallow Ecology

Definition - What does Shallow Ecology mean?

Shallow ecology was coined to describe the viewpoint that ecologies should be conserved only if it is in our direct interest to do so. Proponents of this philosophy feel that the direct value of ecosystems to humanity is the sole criterion by which we should determine the degree to which they should be protected.

Safeopedia explains Shallow Ecology

Shallow ecology has also been termed ‘light green’. It subscribes to four basic principles:

  • Rational beings (humans) are the only life-forms of value
  • Humans can benefit from the environment
  • If human needs fulfilment is hampered by damage to the environment, then it is a matter for concern
  • If harming the environment will also harm humans, the environment should be protected

The ‘deep’ movement suggests that instead of implementing ‘quick fixes’ such as recycling, we should consider the root-cause of problems and alter our lifestyles, values and habits dramatically.

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