Shallow Ecology

Last updated: November 8, 2018

What Does Shallow Ecology Mean?

Shallow ecology refers to the philosophical or political position that environmental preservation should only be practiced to the extent that it meets human interests.

Shallow ecology provides an anthropocentric defense of the natural world, holding that it is worth protecting to the extent that it benefits humans.

Shallow ecology has also been referred to as "light green."

Safeopedia Explains Shallow Ecology

Proponents of shallow ecology subscribe to four basic principles:

  • Rational beings (humans) are the only life-forms of value
  • Humans can benefit from the environment
  • If the fulfillment of human needs is hampered by damage to the environment, then it is a matter for concern
  • If harming the environment will also harm humans, the environment should be protected

Shallow ecology is named in response to the deep ecology movement.


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