Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Sedimentation Mean?

Sedimentation refers to the process during which particles suspended in water tend to settle out. This process is applicable in a wide range of contexts including geology, but in the context of waste-water treatment, it is of importance for the removal of suspended solids during the primary treatment of effluent. It is also used in the initial treatment of drinking water.

Safeopedia Explains Sedimentation

Sedimentation treatment may be implemented using settling basins or clarifiers that continuously remove the solids as they are deposited during sedimentation. The EPA is particularly concerned about the contamination of water bodies with polluting sediments, and has produced a management strategy that strives to combat this problem. The EPA will implement point and non-point source measures to prevent the ongoing contamination of water-bodies. Sediment quality guidelines have been established by the EPA.


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