Sedimentary Rock

Last updated: October 18, 2015

What Does Sedimentary Rock Mean?

Sedimentary rock is one of the three different types of rock. It is defined as rock that is formed by sedimentation or composed of sediment. It is formed by processes that act on the earth’s surface such as wind, rivers, waves, or glaciers, which deposit sediment over time and form sedimentary rock through a gradual process.

Safeopedia Explains Sedimentary Rock

Sediment refers to small particles or grains of weathered minerals or rock that have been broken away by the forces of nature. This sediment can vary in size and shape. Sedimentary rock is formed when these particles are deposited and bond together through lithification to form a larger whole. Lithification happens either through compaction of the sediment or cementing caused by minerals bonding the particles together.


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