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Ruminant Animals

Last updated: February 1, 2017

What Does Ruminant Animals Mean?

Ruminant animals are animals that chew and regurgitate their food more than once, and digest it multiple times in different stomachs. These animals are quadruped mammals with even toes, hooves and chew the cud. They generally have four stomachs with different characteristics, which are used at different stages in digestion. These animals include cattle, sheep, buffalo, antelopes, giraffe, and camels.

Safeopedia Explains Ruminant Animals

Ruminant animals have played a large part in providing food for humans and are therefore widely farmed for meat and other products. Ruminants are a valuable part of the human food chain, as they have the ability to digest certain plants that cannot be digested adequately by other mammals. Ruminants are also the subject of many debates regarding their role in climate change due to their production of methane.


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