Published: | Updated: February 1, 2017

Definition - What does Rangeland mean?

Rangelands are open areas of land that are used for farming or hunting. Farm animals and wild animals roam and graze on rangelands. Rangelands are distinguished from pasture lands by the fact that they maintain native vegetation rather than what has been established by humans. Rangelands include many different climates and contain land that cannot be grazed.

Safeopedia explains Rangeland

Grazing is an important use for rangelands, but rangelands are not defined by grazing. Rangelands are defined as areas where the native plants are predominantly grasses or grass-like plants and where there is an absence of woody plants. There are a variety of sub-categories under rangelands including grasslands, steppe, prairie, scrubland etc.. Grazing can be used as a method to manage rangelands.

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