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Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Poachers Mean?

Poachers are people who engage in poaching, which is the illegal hunting, capturing and killing of wild animals, fish or plants, often done for sport, entertainment or profit. The killing and capture of animals is only considered to be poaching if the animal was killed without proper licenses and permissions.

Safeopedia Explains Poachers

Poachers hunt animals to kill and capture without a permit. Poaching is rife in the grassy plains and savannahs of Africa, where animals roam freely in national parks. Rangers are often employed to arrest poachers, but poachers still manage to operate relatively freely in these African states. Poaching of animals for rhino horn and ivory are currently a major topical issue. Although theft of domesticated animals is sometimes called ‘poaching’, this falls outside of the formal definition for poaching.


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