Parabolic Mirrors

Last updated: December 15, 2015

What Does Parabolic Mirrors Mean?

A parabolic (or paraboloid or paraboloidal) mirror is a concave reflective surface that is used to project or collect energy or a type of radiation including light, sound, or radio waves. Its shape is like a dish and consists of a paraboloid, which is circular. The shape of the surface is generated by a parabola that revolves around its axis point.

Safeopedia Explains Parabolic Mirrors

Parabolic mirrors have the ability to concentrate all the energy reflected at them into one focal point or to reflect parallel beams from an energy source placed at their focal point. An example of a parabolic reflector is in a satellite dish, which is a commonly used application of this technology. Car headlights also have a light source placed at their focal point.


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