Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Overnutrition Mean?

Overnutrition is a condition where the intake of needed nutrients is oversupplied in a particular form of diet. It is categorized as a type of malnutrition and causes health problems to the person who is affected by it much like a lack of nutrients in a particular diet. Overnutrition is caused by extreme diets or overconsumption of food. Overnutrition is also referred to as hyperalimentation.

Safeopedia Explains Overnutrition

Overnutrition can be general or specific to a particular nutrient or set of nutrients. Generally, overnutrition is caused by overeating of any and all foods, causes obesity and the health problems that are associated with obesity. Specific overnutrition is specific to a single vitamin or mineral, and depending on what is in excess, there can be different health consequences.


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