Definition - What does Nihilists mean?

Nihilism is a set of beliefs that are thought to stem from extreme skepticism or pessimism, and these beliefs often result in the conclusion that existence is futile. That all efforts in the search for happiness or morals or meaning are pointless. That all values have no basis and that efforts to communicate, establish good systems in society, and achieve some form of ideal in life are useless. That truth is nonexistent.

Safeopedia explains Nihilists

Nihilism is most often associated with Friedrich Nietzsche, who held the opinion that nihilism would cause immense problems in human society and break down our value systems. The German word nihilism is formed from Latin nihil "nothing" plus the suffix –ismus "a doctrine or theory." A true nihilist is believed to have no loyalties or values and believe in nothing more than perhaps a desire to destroy.

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