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Last updated: January 31, 2017

What Does Neo-Luddites Mean?

Neo-Luddites subscribe to the philosophy that the use of technology has severe ethical implications. The movement consists of several groups and individuals with no single affiliation to any single group. Neo-Luddites may shun the use of technology or may become more radicalized, harming the producers of technological concepts or sabotaging the technology itself.

Safeopedia Explains Neo-Luddites

Neo-Luddites envision a bleak future for the planet as a result of certain technologies. While some are only suspicious of certain technologies, others favor a "back to nature" approach in which all technological advances are rejected. The principles and philosophies of Neo-Luddites often find expression in related movements, such as deep ecology, radical environmentalism and the anti-globalization movement. Neo-Luddites range from peaceful individuals and groups who feel that life without technology is better, to radicals, such as the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski who embarked on a nationwide bombing campaign targeting technology.


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