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Micro-Hydro Generators

Last updated: January 31, 2017

What Does Micro-Hydro Generators Mean?

Hydroelectric power can be generated on a small scale using micro-hydro generators. Most systems are used by small industries, farmers and homeowners. The system consists of a small turbine, and a pump or waterwheel that can convert the kinetic energy of flowing water into electrical energy.

Safeopedia Explains Micro-Hydro Generators

Instead of requiring large dams or reservoirs, micro-hydro generators can be run using flowing water in streams and rivers. Some of the water is diverted into pipelines, and the water flowing through the pipeline is used to turn the generator or waterwheel. 10 Kilowatt systems provide sufficient electrical energy to supply a home or a small farm. These systems can either be grid-tied or off the grid.


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