Methane Hydrate

Last updated: December 28, 2018

What Does Methane Hydrate Mean?

Methane hydrate occurs on the sea-bed and consists of ice in which methane molecules are trapped. Once it is exposed to warmer temperatures, the ice turns to water and the natural gas is released. A single cubic meter of methane hydrate contains 164 cubic meters of methane.

Safeopedia Explains Methane Hydrate

According to researchers, methane hydrate may be the single largest source of fossil fuel available on the planet, but efforts to exploit this fuel source have so far been limited to experimental programs. The US Department of Energy has announced that its methane hydrate program will embark on research and development initiatives aimed at finding safe, effective technologies for exploiting methane hydrate as an energy source, but notes that the potential environmental implications of exploiting methane hydrate must first be examined.


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