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High-Quality Energy

Last updated: June 4, 2017

What Does High-Quality Energy Mean?

Generally, the quality of a type of energy is a perception. One perception is that a high quality type of energy can be transformed into several others without much loss. Another perception is that high quality energy can be used to perform high quality tasks as well as low quality tasks, while low quality energy can only be used to perform low quality tasks.

Safeopedia Explains High-Quality Energy

There are several types of energy, which fall into two main categories. The first is kinetic energy, which is matter that has energy due to it's mass and speed. The second is potential energy, which is stored energy that has the potential to do work. Different kinds of energy within these include chemical energy, heat energy, electrical energy etc.. Electrical energy is generally considered high quality due to its efficiency when it is transformed to other forms of energy.


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