Chronic Food Shortages

Last updated: February 5, 2016

What Does Chronic Food Shortages Mean?

Chronic food shortages are a form of food insecurity that occurs when all three of the basic conditions for food security are not met. These three conditions are adequacy, availability and access. Unlike transitory food shortages, which primarily occur as a result of natural disasters that hamper a population’s ability to produce food, chronic food shortages occur because a population does not have the basic ability to produce food, even under normal circumstances.

Safeopedia Explains Chronic Food Shortages

Chronic food shortages often occur in third world countries, where the nation does not have sufficient food to meet its needs, is unable to produce or procure sufficient food on a regular basis, and does not have sufficient capital to purchase food from external sources. This happens in areas where the population does not have the ability to sustain its food requirements, and food insecurity results.


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