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Chemical Energy

Last updated: June 23, 2018

What Does Chemical Energy Mean?

Chemical energy refers to the energy that is stored in the bonds between chemical compounds, which are substances with 2 or more atoms connected by chemical bonds. This energy is stored until it is needed to be used in a reaction. Since energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only converted from one form to another, chemical reactions cause this stored chemical energy to be converted to other forms, including, but not limited to heat energy, electrical energy and kinetic energy.

Safeopedia Explains Chemical Energy

Chemical energy exists all around us. It is the energy stored in the tiniest bonds between the atoms of substances, and we convert this energy to various forms for use in our daily lives. For example, a large amount of chemical energy is stored in coal and fossil fuels. We use burning, a chemical reaction, to convert this stored chemical energy into heat energy. This heat energy is used to heat water to produce steam, used to turn turbines in power plants and create electrical energy, which we then use to power our homes and appliances.


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