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What Does Carnivores Mean?

Carnivores are animals that derive nutrients from meat as opposed to plants or vegetables. Carnivores hunt, kill and eat other animals for their survival and survive on meat alone. In contrast, herbivores eat only plants and do not hunt or eat animal flesh through scavenging, and omnivores eat some meat and some vegetables. Human beings are considered omnivores due to our ability to eat meat and vegetables.

Safeopedia Explains Carnivores

Some examples of carnivores include fanged vertebrates like lions, tigers, snakes or sharks. Invertebrate examples include sea stars, spiders or even ladybugs. Carnivores need to eat a lot due to the large amount of calories required to hunt for their food. This means that there should be more prey animals than carnivores in a population. Carnivores are important as they help to regulate population numbers.


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