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By: Safeopedia Staff
| Last updated: January 22, 2017

What Does Biotic Mean?

Biotic is defined as anything relating to living organisms. It is often used to explain the influencing factors or conditions in a living organism's environment that are caused by other living organisms or biological entities.

Biotic factors are contrasted with abiotic factors which are factors not caused by other living organisms. Abiotic is defined as anything not related to living organisms.

Safeopedia Explains Biotic

Biotic factors and abiotic factors have less to do with biological organisms themselves, and more to do with how different organisms, or parts of an ecosystem, affect one another.

Biotic factors include animals that consume the creature in question, animals the creature in question consumes, as well as human influence.

Abiotic factors, on the other hand, include non-living components of environment, such as temperature, light, and moisture.


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