Biomass Fuel

Last updated: February 1, 2017

What Does Biomass Fuel Mean?

Biomass fuels consist of organic matter that can be used to generate energy. The primary advantage of biomass fuels is that they are renewable sources of energy. They can consist of plant or animal matter or be recovered from municipal solid waste.

Safeopedia Explains Biomass Fuel

Although biomass fuels may sound like a great solution, they have a relatively low energy density compared to fossil fuels. A larger volume of biomass fuel is needed to generate the same amount of energy as can be obtained from fossil fuels. As a result, the cost of gathering and transporting biomass fuels can quickly become greater than the value of the energy that is generated. In addition, the high moisture content of these organic fuels reduces their performance. These fuels are generally only a viable source of energy when a reliable supply of biomass is available near to the energy generation plant.


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