Last updated: January 29, 2017

What Does Anthropocentrism Mean?

Anthropocentric beliefs, or anthropocentrism, refers to the philosophy that human beings are the most significant species on earth and that they are superior to all other organisms. As a result, a true anthropocentric considers the human perspective as being the most significant and important, even when human activities negatively impact the environment.

Safeopedia Explains Anthropocentrism

Anthropocentrism is important in many human cultures and activities. It is often regarded as contributing to environmental harm and the concept is often discussed in the field of environmental ethics. However, many authorities argue that since a healthy environment is necessary to human existence, short-sightedness is a greater problem than anthropocentrism itself. Indeed, since we have always used natural resources including plants and animals for our benefit, some argue that anthropocentrism is a basic element of human behaviour.


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