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Wind Turbine

Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Wind Turbine Mean?

A wind turbine is a rotary style engine, designed to convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy. The kinetic energy takes the form of wind blowing onto propeller blades that are attached to a tall structure, which causes the blades to rotate. The kinetic energy impacting the rotor is transformed into mechanical energy and is then harnessed and used to generate electricity. It is considered an environmentally friendly option for generating energy when compared to others such as fossil fuel power plants.

Safeopedia Explains Wind Turbine

Technically, there is no turbine used in the construction as the term applies to hydroelectric devices. The term has been adopted from hydroelectric machinery to name wind devices and this has become widely accepted due to the similarity between design styles, as they both use a rotary. The correct term for the description of such a device that takes kinetic energy from the air is aero-foil powered generator.


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