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Tidy Towns

What Does Tidy Towns Mean?

Tidy Towns is an annual competition held in Ireland that rewards cities that display high levels of tidiness or attractiveness. The competition was first held in 1958, and is organized by the Irish Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government. The competition is taken part in Nationally and towns compete in several areas by completing modules associated with different elements of tidiness and attractiveness.

Safeopedia Explains Tidy Towns

The competition is judged from May to August by an independent adjudicator and the modules each city must complete include litter control, tidiness, wildlife, landscaping, and waste management. The adjudicator provides a report on the towns' current condition and outlines the towns' best positive attributes, as well as providing suggestions as to how the towns can make improvements in the surroundings. One area that Tidy Towns helps to address is Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), as it helps to remove pollutants from the environment and keep wildlife healthy.


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