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Solar Panel

What Does Solar Panel Mean?

A solar panel is a device that converts light into usable energy. It is called a "solar" panel because the most powerful source of light in any instance is the sun, which was named "Sol" by Astronomers, which means solar panels are used in conjunction with the sun in order to gather adequate energy. Solar panels are sometimes referred to as photovoltaics, which means "light-electricity."

Safeopedia Explains Solar Panel

A solar panel is made up of many small solar cells spread out over a large surface area. The large panel, which is made of these cells, needs to be put in as much direct sunlight as possible, or always oriented toward the sun to gather enough power. This is because the more light a solar cell comes into contact with, the more energy it gathers. Most solar panels are about 14% efficient, which means that they convert 14% of their available energy into power. There are DS1 types that are used on satellites which work at 22%.

Solar panels offer some good environmental health and safety benefits such as reducing harmful emissions, decreasing reliance on fossil fuels etc.. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently helping to establish acceptable standards in power production for the level of pollution released into the atmosphere.


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