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Smokeless Fuel

Last updated: November 10, 2018

What Does Smokeless Fuel Mean?

A smokeless fuel is any fuel that does not produce any visible smoke when it is burned. This term is usually applied to solid type fuels like Charcoal, Coke, Anthracite or Hexamine Fuel Tablets. Smokeless fuel has seen wide acceptance due to the hazards caused by the use of smokey fuels in densely populated areas in the UK where there are government-imposed smoke bans.

Safeopedia Explains Smokeless Fuel

Smoke bans in the UK require residents to avoid burning fuels in fireplaces unless they are on an approved list of smokeless fuels. A ban on the marketing, sale and distribution of bituminous fuel (or ‘smoky coal ban’) was first instigated in Dublin in the year 1990 after bouts of extreme winter smog. This ban saw a dramatic reduction in annual death over the next few years. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) performs air quality monitoring in Smokeless zones and has found much lower levels of harmful particulate matter. EPA aims to improve air quality by providing scientific experimentation and establishing standards for preserving air quality.


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