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Renewable Energy

Last updated: February 1, 2017

What Does Renewable Energy Mean?

Renewable energy includes any source of power that can regenerate itself within a short time and thus can be used continuously. These sources of power or energy all make use of natural forces, such as solar power or thermal energy, which derive energy directly from the sun. There are also methods of obtaining power indirectly from the sun such as wind farming, hydro power, or photosynthetic energy. There are other methods that include geothermal or tidal energy as well.

Safeopedia Explains Renewable Energy

Renewable energy does not include energy derived from fossil fuels of any kind or any waste from fossil or inorganic sources. This is because these sources are either very limited and must be conserved or they do not contribute to long term Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) due to hazards generated by combustion. One of the main benefits obtained by using renewable energy sources is that they are clean sources of energy and have a minimal effect on the health of our environment.


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