Last updated: August 24, 2015

What Does Mulch Mean?

Mulch is a covering spread on soil in a garden to aid the growth of plants and stop weed development. Mulch is usually composed of biological material and assists in maintaining temperature, preventing the evaporation of moisture in the soil, keeps fruit clean, stops sunlight getting to weeds and prevents erosion.

Safeopedia Explains Mulch

The Board of Fire Protection Regulations (BFPR) has developed regulations with regard to the production of mulch. This is due to large fires in the commonwealth. These regulations include guidelines for the safe storage and manufacture of mulch, for companies that make their own mulch. This is because large piles of mulch can easily spontaneously combust due to the extreme heat generated in storage, and the dryness of the material. Mulch is usually composed of straw, leaves, small pieces of wood, sawdust, compost, or paper.


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