Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Landfill Mean?

A landfill or sanitary landfill is a system for disposing of waste where low-lying land is built up to a higher level by burying refuse between layers of soil. Landfills are the oldest method of waste disposal used today and remains the most popular today. There are benefits and drawbacks associated with this method of waste disposal, and it is a way of easily dealing with the safety issues associated with a lack of waste disposal regulations.

Safeopedia Explains Landfill

Before waste disposal regulations were implemented by the government, individuals and companies were able to dispose of their refuse wherever they liked. This would often have been without regard for general health and safety. So, landfills have helped the community, however there are are drawbacks, such as the effect of landfills on our environment. This includes contaminating groundwater, aquifers and soil, as well as producing large quantities of methane, which, as a greenhouse gas, contributes to global warming.


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