Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Biodiversity Mean?

Biodiversity is the term used to explain the variety we find among biological organisms on our planet. It is a measure how varied life is within different ecosystems. This can be in terms of genetic variation, species variation or ecosystem variation within a biome, planet or small area. Biodiversity, therefore, measures the number of species as well as differences within a species and variety of different ecosystems comprised of multiple species.

Safeopedia Explains Biodiversity

Biodiversity is usually greater in tropical regions near the equator due to greater heat. This is true of warmer sea life also. Biodiversity is important to the function of life on our planet, as large portions of the needs of the poor and our economy are supplied by biological resources. The more diverse life is on our planet, the more opportunities for medical discovery and adaptive solutions to various problems we face.


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