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Maximum Exposure Limit (MEL)

Last updated: March 31, 2018

What Does Maximum Exposure Limit (MEL) Mean?

Maximum exposure limit is a maximum time, expressed as a time weighted average, during which an employee may be exposed to a substance. Exposure limits are set and controlled by the Health and Safety Executive, under COSHH regulations. When it comes to chemicals, the maximum exposure limit is expressed in parts per million.

Safeopedia Explains Maximum Exposure Limit (MEL)

The maximum exposure limit has two time weighted average variations. The long term exposure limit (LTEL) is the maximum exposure allowed over an 8 hour period, while the short term exposure limit refers to the maximum exposure allowed over a 15 minute reference period. The LTEL protects the workplace from a build up of a contaminant, which could lead to chronic illness among employees.


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