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Last updated: March 6, 2022

What Does Hepatotoxin Mean?

A hepatotoxin is a toxic chemical substance that can cause damage to or otherwise injure the liver.

Safeopedia Explains Hepatotoxin

Hepatotoxins work by blocking the secretion of the triglycerides, or fat, into the blood plasma. This process reduces the concentration of plasma lipids and lipoproteins. This fat accumulation is a key factor in liver injury.

Studies have shown that organic solvents may be associated with hepatotoxicity. Organic solvents are used in various industrial processes such as spraypainting, manufacturing of paints, processing of metals, and aeronautical and auto manufacturing maintenance.

Organic solvents are also prevalent in various chemical storage facilities. Workers can be exposed to hepatotoxins via intentional or accidental ingestion in food or absorption of toxic contaminants through the skin.

Carbon tetrachloride, phosphorus, and tannic acid are other examples of hepatotoxins commonly found in the workplace.


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