Hazardous Polymerization

Last updated: February 5, 2016

What Does Hazardous Polymerization Mean?

A hazardous polymerization is a chemical reaction that produces a very high and dangerous amount of heat due to how rapidly the reaction takes place. Polymerization is a chemical reaction where one or more small molecules combine together to form a larger molecule. These larger molecules are called polymers. The single molecules which make up these polymers are called monomers.

Safeopedia Explains Hazardous Polymerization

Polymers are molecules which occur naturally in nature and can be produced synthetically through chemical reactions of different sorts. Polymerizations occur in far too many different forms to listed here and they can contain as little as two monomers or can number into the millions in chains of monomers. Some polymerizations join entire monomers together and some join only parts and leave leftovers or residue material.


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