Pinch Points


Definition - What does Pinch Points mean?

Pinch points are points in and around machinery where there is a chance of a body part getting caught between a stationary and a moving part of a machine. A pinch point could include getting caught between two moving parts of a machinery or between some material and a moving part of a machinery.

Safeopedia explains Pinch Points

Pinch points are points other than the normal points of operation where there is a likelihood of getting stuck between a machine's moving and stationary parts. There can be a verity of arrangements where there is a chance of entrapment and getting pinched by the part of the machinery. This could be one moving and one stationary part, two moving parts, or one moving part with some other material. An example of these kinds of points can be illustrated by a paper punching machine where skin or fabric may get caught between the punch part of the machine (the moving part) and the stationary bar against which the punch presses.

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