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Last updated: December 24, 2016

What Does Contusion Mean?

A contusion is a kind of wound that does not break the skin. It occurs when blood vessels are damaged under the skin, and, sometimes, it leads to blood collection under the skin, leaving the skin discolored.

A contusion is also known as a bruise.

Safeopedia Explains Contusion

Contusions are common injuries within most workplaces and among athletes. Contusions can easily occur when a blunt item strikes any of the body parts and damages muscle fibers and connective tissues, but does not break the skin. Most contusions are minor and heal quickly. Severe contusions can cause deep tissue damage and can lead to complications that may keep the patient out of normal activities for months.

Contusions cause swelling, pain and limit body motions. An affected area may be stiff and turn bluish due to a pool of blood collecting under the layers of skin within the damaged tissue. Once injured, the patient must stop movements of the affected muscle. Ice may be applied and wrapped in a clean cloth for about 20 minutes, then wrapped with soft bandage and kept raised above the heart level. A doctor may be consulted immediately for more serious contusions. In some cases, surgical operations may also be necessary to avoid complications.




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