Water Conservation

Definition - What does Water Conservation mean?

Water Conservation is the preservation, control and management of water resources. Water Conservation is important on site to reduce the amount of water used and to contribute to the sustainable use of water. It is required in order to ensure the conservative use of water during drought and other water shortages as well as reducing pressure on rivers and streams used for water abstraction.

Safeopedia explains Water Conservation

Water Conservation can be employed both by workers on the site, as well as in construction materials. Construction materials such as low flow toilets and showers can be fitted to reduce the volume of water used. Grey water can also be collected and used for activities such as irrigation. Workers can save water by: reducing the time taken for a shower to 5 minutes, making sure that no taps are left running when not in use, making sure that no taps are leaking, and using minimum amounts of water required for dust suppression on site.

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