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Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

What Does Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Mean?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent federal regulatory agency that was established by the act of the same name October 27, 1972 to protect and inform the public against unreasonable risks of injury, death or illness from consumer products. It also uses it's authority to establish acceptable safety standards as well as ban hazardous products from the market.

Safeopedia Explains Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

If you are a business that makes, imports or distributes consumer products, you have a variety of CPSIA and other CPSC regulations to follow. Children's products are subject to a set of federal safety rules, called children's product safety rules. Otherwise, producers must find out what regulations apply to their product and they must have it tested and certified. The Consumer Product Safety Commission makes information available to the public through its Website.


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