Combustible Dust Fire

Last updated: June 19, 2024

What Does Combustible Dust Fire Mean?

A combustible dust fire is a fire caused by any fine material that has the potential to catch fire or explode when it is mixed with air. Combustible dust includes nearly all organic solid material (flour, sugar, sawdust or grain), metal shavings or inorganic materials that are not metals. These materials are not usually combustible under normal circumstances, but due to their small size and concentration they can become explosive or burn.

Safeopedia Explains Combustible Dust Fire

Any work activity that creates small dust particles should be assessed by employers to determine if the area could become hazardous. Dust can collect on many surfaces, in equipment or tight spaces and become concentrated, thus posing a major fire hazard. Even very small amounts of dust can create serious explosions and cause extensive damage. Employers should look at options in the area of dust suppression, fire safety and escape plans.


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