Alternative Fuel

Last updated: January 25, 2017

What Does Alternative Fuel Mean?

Alternative fuel refers to any type of fuel that is outside of the recognized traditional petroleum fuels.

Alternative fuels are also known as unconventional or advanced fuels.

Safeopedia Explains Alternative Fuel

There are currently more than a dozen alternative fuel sources under production around the world. Some of which include petrol, diesel, natural gas, as well as nuclear fuels (uranium and thorium). The main users of alternative fuels are government and private sector vehicle fleets. This is helping to reduce the demand on fossil fuels, which are rapidly depleting.

Some alternative fuels include biodiesel, bioalcohol, stored electricity, hydrogen, non-fossil methane, vegetable oil and propane. One of the most popular alternative fuels is biodiesel, which is made from vegetable oil, animal fats or cooking grease.


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