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Natural Gas

What Does Natural Gas Mean?

Natural Gas is a fossil fuel that is a combination of hydrocarbon gases. This gas is a combination of plant and animal gases that has built up over thousands of years and has been exposed to intense heat. Natural gas is considered a non-sustainable source of energy because it takes longer than a human generation to rejuvenate. Natural gas is used in many industries such as residential, commercial and industrial platforms.

Safeopedia Explains Natural Gas

The production of natural gas is considered highly dangerous. Natural gas, like methane, is odorless and if a leak is not detected, it can be fatal. Tools, such as the Davy Lamp, have been manufactured to detect possible leaks. Odorant is added to the gas during production before being used in residential and commercial industries. This scent, often referred to as a "rotten egg" smell, is vital to alerting users that there is a gas leak in their home or workplace.


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