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What Does Methanol Mean?

Methanol is a commonly used organic solvent. It is the simplest of all alcohols, and has a distinctive odor that is similar to ethanol. Methanol, however, is extremely toxic and should not be consumed by humans. Methanol is produced naturally by many forms of bacteria, and can be found in small amounts in the environment.

Methanol is also known as wood alcohol.

Safeopedia Explains Methanol

Methanol is used industrially as a pesticide, solvent and industrial fuel source. In industrial situations, methanol vapor can be inhaled through the skin. This can produce toxic effects, so proper handling PPE should be worn when working with methanol. Methanol is also highly flammable. Methanol run-off to sewers may cause a fire hazard. It is vital that methanol run-off is properly disposed of.


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