Corrective And Preventative Action

Last updated: May 14, 2019

What Does Corrective And Preventative Action Mean?

Corrective and preventative action refers to actions taken by an organization in order to correct non-compliance with regulations, non-conformity with best codes of practice or any other workplace situation that is less than desirable. A corrective action refers to action taken to correct a situation that has already occured, whereas a preventative action foresees that a non-conformity is likely to occur and takes pre-emptive action in order to stop it from eventuating.

Safeopedia Explains Corrective And Preventative Action

Standards surrounding corrective and preventative action require firstly locating and documenting the cause of the nonconformity. An analysis then needs to be carried out to quantify the effect that the nonconformity has had on the product or service provided. If necessary the product should be recalled, customers notified, or the product removed from circulation. Stringent follow-up is required to ensure that the corrective action has been effective. Corrective and preventative action can include anything that addresses a possible issue from occurring, as well as any actions taken to remedy a situation after it has happened.



Corrective Action

Corrective Action Plan


Corrective and Preventative Actions

Corrective and Prevention Action

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