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Double-Legged Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Last updated: May 28, 2018

What Does Double-Legged Shock Absorbing Lanyard Mean?

A double legged shock absorbing lanyard is a special type of cord used to secure something in place, ensuring 100% tie off safety. It is comprised of two legs of equal length, each having a shock absorber to take impact off the load. The cord used consists of a specially woven inner core that typically expands to over one meter. Double legged lanyards are an essential element of a fall arrest system.

Safeopedia Explains Double-Legged Shock Absorbing Lanyard

A double legged shock absorbing lanyard offers double the strength and protection of a single lanyard. However, if the user elects not to use one of the legs it is important not to attach the unused leg to any permanent fixture as this will negate the shock absorbing effects of the lanyard. Rather, the unused leg should be connected to a harness that has a pull-free lanyard ring. The top brands of lanyards come with a pull-free ring designed for this purpose.


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