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Shock Absorber Pack

Last updated: May 28, 2018

What Does Shock Absorber Pack Mean?

A shock absorber pack is a feature that is built into certain lanyards in order to minimize the impact of a fall. These lanyards feature a specially woven inner core that expands to reduce the impact associated with the arrest of a fall. Shock absorbing packs for lanyards are required by Occupational Safety and Health requirements to arrest a fall force in the event of an injury of not more than 1800 pounds.

Safeopedia Explains Shock Absorber Pack

Shock absorbing packs for lanyards have a built-in deceleration device that reduces the impact forces on the body in the case of a fall. The deceleration device requires an additional length of travel, which is typically about a third of the length of the lanyard. It is important to include the length of the entire lanyard when the shock absorber pack has been deployed when determining what lanyard to choose, which is determined by the height at which the individual is working. The American National Standards Institute require all workers who are working 6 feet or more from the ground to wear a safety harness and lanyard.


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