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Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Last updated: May 28, 2018

What Does Shock Absorbing Lanyard Mean?

Shock absorbing lanyards are a specific type of safety lanyard used in conjunction with safety harnesses as a part of a fall protection system. Generally, shock absorbing lanyards are used when working at a height of more than six feet above the ground. The unique feature of a shock absorbing lanyard is that it has a built-in woven inner core that expands during the fall to ensure that the fall arrest force is significantly reduced.

Safeopedia Explains Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Two factors that impact the effectiveness of a shock absorbing lanyard in protecting the worker are the weight of the worker and the fall distance required for deceleration. The lighter the worker, the higher the impact load will be, due to less of the shock absorbing part of the lanyard being activated. Most shock absorbing lanyards require an additional 3.5 feet of travel for the deceleration mechanism to function properly in addition to the standard 6 feet lanyard length.


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