Total Hours Worked

Last updated: June 12, 2014

What Does Total Hours Worked Mean?

Total hours worked, in any organization, means the total number of hours worked by all employees of that organization during the reference period. This includes the employees who worked for one or more hours with or without pay, profit or payment in kind, in a job, business, farm or professional practice, which contributed directly to the operation.

Safeopedia Explains Total Hours Worked

Total hours worked is used to determine the lost time injury frequency rates (LTIFR), recordable incident rate, days away restricted or job transfer (DART) rate and many other similar calculations used to determine the safety standard of a particular organization.

To determine the total hours worked in any organization, the following information is essential:

  • A = Number of full-time employees ( e.g. 350)

  • B = Hours worked per week by full-time employees in a year including overtime (e.g. 40 hours)

  • C = Total numbers of regular hours worked by part time employees (e.g. 1560 hours)

  • D = Total hours of vacation (17 days), sick leave (10 days), holidays (12 days) and any other non-work time.

Example of calculation:

Total hours worked = (A x B x 52) + C – D (vacation, leave, holiday) hours

= (350 x 40 x 52) + 1560 – (17+10+12) x 8 x 350 hours

= 728000 + 1560 – 109200 hours

= 620360 hours


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