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Process Safety Hazards

Last updated: June 19, 2022

What Does Process Safety Hazards Mean?

Process safety hazards are issues that could result in equipment failure or large scale accidental damage to equipment or personnel. Process safety accidents happen less frequently than personal accidents, but have a far greater impact. Process safety hazards typically include dust, gas or vapor contamination in processing plants, potential detonation of energetic materials and runaway exothermic chemical processes.

Safeopedia Explains Process Safety Hazards

Process safety hazards have the potential for large scale accident or injury, resulting in loss of life, loss of production facilities and prolonged downtime. A process safety hazard may also garner unwelcome media coverage that tarnishes a company's reputation. The financial consequences of any of these outcomes are often substantial.

Identifying and mitigating process safety hazards requires expert knowledge of the processes involved. It is also imperative that equipment be regularly maintained and inspected. Once a hazard has been identified, the level of risk is determined and the appropriate safeguards are put in place to provide a basis of safety.


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