Management Of Change

Last updated: October 5, 2018

What Does Management Of Change Mean?

Management of change (MOC) is a systematic approach to organizational changes with the aim of ensuring the continued safety of the workforce throughout the process. These systematic processes ensures that the change is dealt with in a proactive fashion.

Safeopedia Explains Management Of Change

Major organizational changes can come as the result of internal decisions, such as a corporate shakeup or downsizing, the replacement of retiring senior executives, or a merger with or acquisition from another company. They can also come as a result of external factors, such as new government regulations or updated industry standards.

Regardless of the reasons behind them, organizational changes can be very disruptive to the organization's normal operations. Since these operations include processes, procedures, and policies aimed at protecting workers from injury, dealing with the change haphazardly or without forethought can leave workers unsafe and unprotected.

Management of change involves keeping workers safe by implementing a kind of temporary safety program and ensuring that no worker is put at undue risk while the changes are underway.


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